Tuesday, 29. May 2018



It’s no great secret that we borrowed the “Syn” from synergy. Nor is the original author of those forceful lines which we here interpret freely as “a good partnership is more than the sum of its parts” entirely anonymous. As usual, what the ancient philosophers said long ago remains true today.


The real power of synergies often only becomes evident once scaled up. That is why we so much enjoy working with corporate groups from the manufacturing sector. Ultimately, economies of scale and synergy have more in common than just the alliterative sound of the words. And it is only once customers, suppliers and experts bring their individual expertise together that 1+1 really does make 11.


”Syngroup is the biggest firm of consultants to industry in Austria.”

Our two founders, Wolfgang Hillerbrand and Heinz Marx, could never have imagined this at the time of their first meeting as employee consultants twenty years ago now. Swayed by the attractive prospect of the great challenges ahead, they went on to found Syngroup in the spring of 1995.

Then as now, the main focus of the firm was on providing a consultancy service to corporate groups in manufacturing. On accepting their first commission from original client Mayr-Melnhof, they also moved into their offices in Vienna’s 1st district. Since that time, the team has expanded to no less than eighty consultants, who are only infrequently to be found in the office, tending to be out on the job with clients. Today Syngroup offers its active support to increasing numbers of clients worldwide and has expanded its network by adding offices in London and Munich. It continues to be those challenges that are new that spur on the two founders and their team.

01_Unternehmen_small_1_02A CAREER AT SYNGROUP

Expert consultancy requires many things: a high degree of specialist knowledge; an ability to interact well with people; an inquisitive fascination with the issues the clients want solving. In mixed teams made up of both young and experienced consultants we work on solutions which will secure the business future of our clients. more information