Wednesday, 6. June 2018



Welcome to Syngroup, Austria’s leading consultancy for the manufacturing sector. Passive consulting is not our approach. We strive to establish enduring partnerships with both our clients and our employees.

When do we really consider someone as our partner? If we get along well, if there is a mutual benefit and, undoubtedly, if we trust each other. Building ground for trust takes time though. Time that is guaranteed within long-term partnerships.

Syngroup currently retains about eighty employees in Vienna who serve clients around the globe. A successful network has thus grown throughout the years, which constantly supports us in finding more innovative and efficient solutions to challenges in the manufacturing sector.

Efficiency. This concept is strongly anchored in our minds and serves as our core ethos and guiding principal, without exception. It motivates us to constantly improve on what we do best. Syngroup – The Efficiency Consultants. This is what is being continually stressed within our organisation.

We look for candidates with excellent analytical competencies, curious minds, and a persistent attitude who want to move things forward and create lasting change. Further, people who enjoy working in diversified teams will feel especially welcome with us. If this sounds appealing to you, the time to apply is now.

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